Angela Soremba

International Diamond


When I found out about the possibility of doing business with 4Life Research a few years ago, I was already a businesswoman. I had my own health consultancy. The differences were what caught my attention. Instead of struggling every day on my own at the same place, with high overhead costs and a salary that depended on my physical presence, I had the chance to do teamwork from anywhere in the world, with a passive salary and no limitations! The 4Life compensation plan is unique and exciting.

I believe the relationships of trust are the key to this sector, since they are the foundation of this business as far as I’m concerned I am very thankful for the fact that I have been treated with a great deal of respect and been shown considerable appreciation within the team and by 4Life from the beginning, and that is exactly the way I behave with my team. Continuous development and the support of all team members are essential factors that determine our joint success. Furthermore, the proper reproduction of values, business development and sustainability ensure the success of each individual. Builder Bonus is a fantastic tool for this.

In addition, 4Life makes a wide range of exceptional products available to you, with everything you need to enjoy a healthy, preventive and balanced lifestyle. 4Life Transfer Factor™ is what I take daily to achieve a stable immune system. To be honest, it’s very hard to choose just a few products. I’m passionate about all of them! My must have product for dealing with my demanding lifestyle, stress and changing life conditions is Renuvo™. PRO-TF™ improves my performance, internal balance and physical fitness. Glutamine Prime™ increases and regulates my acid-base balance, while I use Energy Go Stix™ all the time to give me strength and help me achieve success each day.