Dr. Hernán Cerna

International Diamond


Each of us meets hundreds of people with whom we connect throughout our lives, but for these connections to remain strong, we need communication. This communication should be based on trust and mutual development. The stronger your communication with your team members, the easier it will be to develop any business and resolve difficulties. Given the expertise of 4Life Research, the exceptional Transfer Factor™ products, as well as our first-class professionals and excellent scientific research, those participating in this opportunity can be sure of a return on their investment and time.

From my experience building my organisation, I have seen that this strength is achieved through the trust factor. Share it with people who are open to change, to making constant improvements in their lives, with whom you have built a relationship over time and are willing to share the coming months and years of your life. One question worth asking is whether you see that person, whether you want to spend time with them, have them as a partner and work together for at least three years. If the answer is yes, then that is the person you want on your team.

To be able to achieve solid growth, you also need a good transfer of knowledge. Open your mind to advice and learn from the best. Learn by modelling the work well done of others, while bearing in mind that we do not have to repeat exactly what we are told, but rather, make that valuable information our own without ever losing our personal essence.

For our 4Life project, it is important to celebrate achievements and enjoy the process, because if we do not enjoy it, the goals become overwhelming and even unattainable. I really think that the people who are with me, my people, come first. Give them all of the support they need, and remember that your success is not only yours, it also belongs to all of the people who believed in you, because they, through their personal contribution, their support, have brought you to your goal. And that, we must never forget.

Due to all of my travelling around the world, I personally find it difficult to have as balanced a diet as I would like, so the 4Life products have become essential travel companions wherever I go. I always have Energy Go Stix™, to stave off the effects of jet lag and to get moving at the next place with its different time zone. Also, it is the perfect product for socialising and sharing with others. Finally, to maintain my general well-being in optimum condition, Transfer Factor™ Plus™ is the best option.