José Megía

International Diamond


Before I heard about the 4Life opportunity, I had worked as an employee, I had been self employed and I had been an entrepreneur in different sectors: banking, cooperative warehouse stores, imports, computer technology, interior decorating, real estate, water filters, cosmetics, hospitality, etc. but after all of that experience, I came to the conclusion that people pay increasingly less for knowledge, that you face huge business challenges when you lack a strong business partner to support you and that staying in the market becomes very difficult.

Getting to know 4Life and becoming a partner was the best financial decision I have ever made. It’s very easy to do business with such a strong business partner and with such impressive growth projections. It’s like betting on the winning horse. Shortly after I started working in this business, I understood that in order to generate income, I needed a solid distribution network based on relationships of trust. Business relationships are sold to the highest bidder, but trust generates loyalty and, therefore, stability.

When I start a conversation with these people, I ask them the following question: “Which of the challenges you have faced in the field of sports or your profession are you most proud of?” This helps me get to know them, take an interest in their lives and become a valuable person in terms of the things that are important to them. If they tell me that they overcame significant challenges successfully, I invite them to be my business partners so that together we can achieve great financial results in twelve months and with minimal investment, under the brand name of a multinational as solvent as 4Life. But if they tell me they haven’t overcome any major challenges, I ask about their parents and children and, depending on what I sense they need, I invite them to buy one or two products costing approximately 20 to 60 euros.

Since I’ve been doing business with 4Life, I can live a stress-free life and manage my own agenda. Every morning, the first thing I do is get up and make a PRO-TF™ shake mixed with a pack of Energy Go Stix™. I stir it well and take it with two packs of RiteStart™. Later I go to the gym and when I get back from training, I take another PRO-TF™ for muscle recovery. To maintain a high energy level during the rest of the day, I prepare a bottle of water with another pack of Energy Go Stix™. 4Life allows me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and start the day with more energy than I’ve ever had before.