20th Anniversary Incentive


The foundation that you have built as you share 4Life products will enable you to reach the International Diamond rank and beyond.

A new milestone
in your 4Life story

Every rank advancement is a celebration! We believe is more than growing your business, it is becoming a leader and inspiring your team. In 4Life we want to recognise all the value and effort of new International Diamonds with this exciting incentive.

Be part of
20th Anniversary

This year we’re celebrating 20 years! A lot of things have happened and more exciting are yet to come. You can be part of the future of 4Life, help us shape the next 20 years, make history with us.

How to win the

Qualify as a New International Diamond or New Gold International Diamond in 2018, and you will win:

  • An exclusive gastronomic event to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of 4Life® alongside your qualified leaders and in the company of a 4Life executive.

  • A special spotlight in the Summit magazine.

  • Recognition in European 4Life offices with your name and photograph.

  • A commemorative video of your qualification.

  • A personalised gift.

  • One night in a hotel*

* only for New Gold International Diamonds.


Terms & Conditions

  • The gastronomic event consists of a lunch or dinner and will take place in the town or city where the new International Diamond (or Gold International Diamond) lives.
  • Your Leaders who are guests at the gastronomic event will be those who qualify as Diamonds or Presidential Diamonds in the month in which you have advanced to International Diamond or Gold International Diamond rank for the first time.
  • This incentive does not include travel.
  • Incentive for Distributors with a European code.
  • The Distributor must meet the qualification standards and maintain good business practices