4Life Recognition


Members of the President’s Club have set the standard for significant growth within their organisation, inspiring thousands of up-and-coming 4Life distributors to do the same.

Exciting Cash Rewards!

Get cash prizes at the 4Life global convention of  5,000USD for International Diamonds; $ 15,000 for Gold International Diamonds and up to $ 50,000 for Platinum International Diamonds.

Special Convention Package

Get access to an exclusive event for members of the President’s Club and VIP treatment that includes everything from seats, transportation from the airport to preferential registration and express checkout at the convention store.


From participating as a speaker at 4Life events for Platinum International Diamonds to receiving the acknowledgement you deserve on 4Life Summit Magazine, social networks and websites.

Personalised &
Bonus Gifts

We want to commemorate this moment with a special plaque and pin for you. But that’s not it! You can choose from our special bonus gifts.

President's Club European Members

Meet the top 4Life Entrepreneurs shaping the future of the industry in Europe.

Àngels Muñoz Estape

Gold International Diamond - Spain

Thanks to my decision to partner with 4Life and undertake this career, I have been able to achieve many of my goals over the years: to live a life in balance and quality, to inspire and support others by encouraging them to pursue and realize their dreams, to help many needy families, to create with my team an association to offer a more dignified life to children and elderly people marginalized by society, and to be able to help preserve and protect dolphins.

In this trajectory, and thanks to the experience of the great success we can achieve with 4Life, my current goal is much more ambitious: to make, as a team, the mobilization of ships to liberate and cleanse the seas and oceans from the plastics that so damage and pollute the life of this planet.

With 4Life, anything is possible.

Carlos Rocha

Gold International Diamond - Spain

I have been able to evolve throughout 15 years as an independent businessman, my objectives and goals have been transformed into collective dreams, realized together with a great organization of dreamers like me, this has brought to my life the satisfaction of leaving a legacy full of hope next to my wife and children for our future generations.

This has made me become every time, a better version of myself is how I could elevate myself. Starting everything from the inside out until I can see the results of that elevation, the fruit of an integral vision, supported by our 4life company and a system dedicated to good Being.

I am deeply grateful to have known this fantastic opportunity.

Claudia Martínez & José Megía

International Diamond - Spain

My childhood wasn’t easy. By the time I was 24 years old, I was already the mother of three girls. When I turned 30, I had experienced so many difficult things that my spirit had become bitter and closed off. Because of the pain, discouragement, and resentment, I pushed away anyone who came into in my life. I first heard about the 4Life opportunity in 2007. In the process of understanding it better, I also began to understand that all the pain in my life was necessary to grow, in order to help me become the woman I am today, and to be able to help other people recover their sense of self. 4Life has helped me to find new significance to my life. Like the Phoenix, I rose from the ashes and became a new woman, a woman with financial and emotional success, a woman capable of restoring other people, and putting a smile on their faces. I now feel confident and empowered to help thousands of people in desperate circumstances. Nowadays I am able, along with my family, to teach others how to dream, provide them with the knowledge they lack, show them the road to take charge of their lives, and share the tools that will help them achieve happiness. I see the International Networkers Team as the best entrepreneur and leadership school available because it allows people like me to have a real option for a balanced and stable life in both the short-term and the long-term. I love sharing this opportunity with everyone around the world who needs a second chance, just as I did.

Gabriele Cordes & Martin Grassinger

Gold International Diamond - Germany

Five years ago, we received a call from a friend who thought we should attend a presentation. As two holistic natural healers working at two different places, we were always looking for a chance to do things together as a couple. We immediately recognized the unique opportunity offered by 4Life to develop our own business while helping other people in a team. We experienced the truth of Together, Building People™ right from the start and received the support we needed to reach our current positions. Today we transmit the practical wisdom, guidance and success of Platinum International Diamond Dr. Herminio Nevárez to our local, national, and international teams. We are on our way to personal development and financial independence. 4Life has changed our lives in positive ways that we never before could have imagined. In the meantime, three generations of our family are now working in this business together.

Sibylle Weizenhöfer

International Diamond - Germany

Saying yes to this project was one of the best decisions of my life. I was in a very difficult situation a few years ago regarding my health and then I found out about transfer factors. This information came just at the right moment. I trusted my intuition, but I did not realise at the time that this would be one of the best presents that I had ever got in my life. I recovered my health, and I decided that I could not keep this fantastic gift all to myself but that I also had a responsibility, which I was more than ready to comply with, towards everyone else. Because the Tri-Factor Formula is such a blessing for this world. At that time, I had already been a successful and independent entrepreneur for many years and, since things had gone very well for me, my focus in the beginning was not on the business concept. With great enthusiasm and as if I had been given a loudhailer, I told everyone that I met about these remarkable transfer factors, making it possible for me to enrich the life of so many people.

Available for International Diamonds and higher ranks

You can be part of President’s Club meeting the following requirements during periods of 18 months between conventions. Those distributors who access the President’s Club in more than one rank will receive the accumulated benefits for both ranks.

Note: All three qualifications must be met within the same month to count toward meeting the requirements

Platinum International Diamond

Qualify 2 times on a 6 months period.

Have an organisational volume of
2.000.000 LP

Have a fourth leg with an International Diamond
or organisational volume outside the first leg of
1.000.000 LP

Gold International Diamond

Qualify 3 times on a 6 months period.

Have an organisational volume of
500,000 LP

Fourth leg with Presidential Diamond
or organisational volume outside the first leg of  250,000 LP

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International Diamond

Qualify 4 times on a 6 months period.

Have an organisational volume of
100,000 LP

Must have a Presidential Diamond on the third leg and organisational volume  of  50,000 LP