Be ready to discover exceptional beaches and landscapes. Enjoy the exciting activities we have organised for you and rest in an exclusive hotel during 4 days and 3 nights for you and one accompany

Qualification Period: September 2019 – April 2020

Master Builder Trip Europe 2020: Qualification Criteria

New Ranks

Qualification times Accumulated LP on first 3 levels New Builder Bonus Structure
on the first 3 levels
Diamond 5 Times 23.000 LP 1 x Level 1
Presidential Diamond 2 Times 38.000 LP 2 x Level 1
International Diamond 1 Time 80.000 LP 2 x Level 1
Gold International Diamond 1 Time

Existing Ranks

Qualification times Increasement % on first 3 levels * New Builder Bonus Structure
on the first 3 levels
Presidential Diamond 4 Times 15% 2 x Level 1
International Diamond 3 Times 15% 2 x Level 1
Gold International Diamond 1 Time 15% 2 x Level 1

New Builder Bonus Winners

Qualification times
Builder Bonus Level 2 5 Times
Builder Bonus Level 3 1 Time
* Growth in comparison to the sum of the monthly LP of the first 3 levels from January to August 2019 period

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The duration of this trip is 4 days and 3 nights.
  2. New distributors are those who reach rank for the first time within the qualification period (September 2019 to April 2020).
  3. New Builder Bonus Level 1 winners (40€) must be generated within your first three levels and during the qualification period.
  4. The 5 times rating criteria for the Level 2 Builder Bonus (160€) is for the Builder and Diamond ranks.
  5. Existing Level 2 Builder Bonus (160€) must reach Level 3 (640€) at least once during the qualification period.
  6. The Requirements for new Builder Bonus Winners exclude International and above.
  7. Reclassifications do not have to occur in consecutive months.
  8. The incentive trip is for the ID and a companion.
  9. The prize cannot be modified, transferred or exchanged for cash.
  10. The incentive is only for distributors with European ID.
  11. Trip winners must confirm, accept their participation, and complete the form (winner and accompanying person) by attaching a copy of the identification card within 10 business days of prize notification. If you do not confirm your participation within 10 business days, you will forfeit your trip.
  12. Builder Bonus winners must have processed and received the Loyalty Program order (no returns will be accepted on Loyalty Program orders from the winner or those participating in the Builder Bonus).
  13. The regime includes breakfasts and some lunches and dinners during the activities and events of the trip. The owner of the room will bear other meals and extra expenses for mini-bars or hotel services.
  14. Winners must maintain and comply with best ethical and business practices, under the rules and procedures in force in each market.
  15. As the Master Builder Trip Europe prize is considered payment in kind, you will receive an invoice for tax purposes.
  16. In case of cancellation by distributor, if tickets were already issued, extra costs arising from such cancellation will be in charge of the distributor, unless there is a justified force majeure.