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The Builder Bonus is the best way to help your 4Life business grow. Take advantage of this incentive and encourage your team to do the same. You’ll see your organization increase in strength month after month.

Grow Your
4Life Business

You will see your endeavour give results as your organization grows and you receive an additional bonus payment.

Winners List

Come to the
Master Builder Trip

Top participants in the Builder Bonus incentive program each quarter will earn a four-day, three-night trip for two to a destination in their region

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What They’re Saying

“Good results are no coincidence; they’re the product of good planning. The same applies to the Builder Bonus. Its success, however, requires the cooperation of responsible entrepreneurs who believe in the business, who use and promote the product and who cultivate trust between their team and their customers”

Pietro VicariLeader, Italy

“The key is that perseverance and commitment must be a source of inspiration. The Builder Bonus is a strategy that enables my business to grow more quickly”

Zuleica GonzálezLeader, Spain

“The Builder Bonus is the fastest way to grow, because by sponsoring new partners every month, we can identify those with whom we’ll be able to build solid, stable, productive networks in constant growth”

Luis Alberto RamírezDiamond, Spain

“If we want our business to grow, we have to focus on the Builder Bonus”

Luci EsperançaDiamond, Portugal

“We grow wherever we put our energy! Determination, passion, emotion, desire, faith, focus and, above all, action! These are the ingredients I use to develop my business with the Builder Bonus and live a 4Life life!”

Florbela FialhoLeader, Portugal

“Sponsorship is vital in business, it enables you to make connections, consolidate your network and grow, and it enables the new leaders that come into the business to grow”

Lidia BarragánDiamond, Spain

“The Bonus Builder is a great opportunity to activate your business enrolling new distributors and reselling products.It also helps reinforce and stabilise your business structure providing you with an extra income”

Sebastian CordesPresidential Diamond, Germany

“The first step to success is to sponsor people, so that you have an organisation in continual growth”

Vanessa CañarLeader, Italy

“Thanks to the Builder Bonus my team grows, it is replicated, and I find leaders that are ready to go on the journey with me. The result? New ranks for the members of my team and also for me.”

Regina SaurDiamond, Germany

“My new enrolees have seen what I saw in this wonderful opportunity: a chance to maintain their physical and financial well-being and to contribute to society, helping more people to have the same opportunity to develop this business”

Blanca Cecilia MorenoPresidential Diamond, United Kingdom

“The Builder Bonus is a small step that will keep us motivated to continue taking the necessary action to achieve our goals. It's very gratifying to know that 4Life recognises and rewards our efforts”

Gilda AbreuLeader, Portugal

“The Builder Bonus is a really intelligent business strategy that enables my business to grow much more quickly”

Marie Sophie GoidtsDiamond, Belgium


Builder Bonus Winners

Congratulations! If your name is on this list it means that you’re benefiting from 4Life’s Builder Bonus Incentive.

  • Anita Obermoser, Austria
  • Carina Risch, Germany
  • Sabine Grell, Germany
  • Susanne Weiß, Germany
  • Naomi Decker, Germany
  • Hartmut Schader, Germany
  • Udo Mansfeld, Germany
  • Liljana Cornehl, Germany
  • Petra Von Königslöw, Germany
  • Lavanya Boesten, Germany
  • Sandra Maak, Germany
  • Monika Dillmann, Germany
  • Silke Janssen, Germany
  • Jurairat Schneider, Germany
  • Heike Sabine Nösner, Germany
  • Glenn Van Den Berg, Netherlands
  • Cesar Fernando Dias, Portugal
  • Carla Olival , Portugal
  • Maria De Fatima Gomes , Portugal
  • Joaquim Gonçalves, Portugal
  • Margarita Leal , Spain
  • Elvira Rojas , Spain
  • Jenny Coyago , Spain
  • Melba Ortega , Spain
  • José Jaramillo , Spain
  • Rosa García , Spain
  • María Cristina Martínez , Spain
  • María José López , Spain
  • José Daniel García, Spain
  • Jenny León , Spain
  • Victoria Aguareles , Spain
  • Irina Cebotari, Spain
  • Galia Ortega , Sweden
  • Catherine Schweizer, Switzerland
  • Jeanine Villavicencio , Switzerland
  • Daniel Hertig, Switzerland

How to win the

If you are a Leader, Diamond or Presidential Diamond, it’s quite easy to get the Builder Bonus.

The first month, sign up two new customers or distributors each with an order of 200 LP and make your own Loyalty Program order with 125 LP.

During this first month, your new enrolees must sign up on the Loyalty Program with a monthly order of at least 125 LP.

If on the following month you and your new members receive a Loyalty Program order of at least 125 LP, you have won the Builder Bonus!

You’ll receive 80 euros on the third month.

For every two new members that join your 4Life project and meet the requirements over a period of two months, you will enjoy another Builder Bonus of 80 euros on the third month. And so up to a maximum of 320 euros in a month.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Distributors with a high rank of Presidential Diamond and below may participate.
  2. A distributor must enroll two new 4Life® customers or distributors in the same month, each with 200 LP (or more) in product purchases.
  3. In their second month, those same two new team members must receive a 125 LP (or more) Loyalty Program order.
  4. The distributor enroller must also personally have a 125 LP Loyalty Program order both months to qualify for the Builder Bonus.
  5. New distributors and customers must reside in markets where 4Life has an office.
  6. When a distributor meets these requirements, he or she earns a 80€ Builder Bonus.
  7. For every two additional new team members who meet the same qualifications over two months, the distributor enroller earns another 80€ Builder Bonus—up to 320€ in one month.
  8. Builder Bonus program is designed for Europe and for any where 4Life has an office. See separate Terms and Conditions for markets where 4Life does not have an office.
  9. Special conditions apply to the Italian market.
In Europe, to participate in the Builder Bonus, 4Life Research® must receive (by fax or email) all new Distributor Application Agreement Forms and a copy of their passport or any other official ID with a picture within this two-month qualification period. Furthermore, if the new distributors are residents of either Germany, Spain, Portugal, or Italy, then they must purchase the Entrepreneurial Ki